App Deployment Toolkit 3.2.0 veröffentlicht

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Ein neuer Release des App Deployment Toolkit. Am interessantesten mit Sicherheit die Verbesserungen im Umgang mit parallelen Installer Instanzen und die Erweiterung der Funktion Install-MSUpdates um die Möglichkeit nun auch „Redistributables“ wie VC++ etc. auszuführen.


Version 3.2.0 [08/22/2014]
- Added further optimization and best practice enhancements to Execute-Process to improve parameter validation, object and exception handling.
- Added a check for in-progress MSI installations preventing an MSI from installing and waits up to 10 minutes - this reduces instances of MSI error code 1618 (Test-MsiExecMutex)
- Added Get-MsiExitCodeMessage - used by Execute-MSI (also available to Execute-Process) to get MSI exit code description if not handled by default.
- Get-InstalledApplication and Remove-MSIApplication now support exact application name matching
- Added error message to clarify when the toolkit fails to dot source and functions are not available
- Improved exception handling in Write-Log
- The install title format on asynchronous UI elements will now match the synchronous UI elements
- Asynchronous toolkit invocations now write to the same log file as synchronous
- Install-MSUpdates now handles re-distributables such as the VC++ runtime redistributables
- Added additional uninstallation sections to Deploy-Application.ps1 template to mirror installation sections
- Added Dutch translations